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We've got maps (hence the cartography bit), for roleplaying games and gamers. These are mostly of use to GM's/DM's who need some inspiration but if you're writing the next great work of fantasy fiction after George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire or creating a game to rival Minecraft and you find something useful here then that's great too!

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If you play online using a VTT such as Roll20, The Forge, or Astral TableTop then check out the all new Dungeon and Cave Battlemap Generators

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Create a nearly infinite number of random dungeon maps.


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Where the wild things are.


The Map Gallery

Ready Made Maps

Our map gallery is full of ready-made maps that are sure spark your imagination. Below is one example. See the full gallery for more.

Fire Caves

Game starting in an hour and you still haven't worked out what your players are doing tonight? Looking for a little inspiration for your RPG campaign? Or maybe you simply don't have the time or inclination to create the maps for your game. In Gozzy's Cartographic Emporium you will find a selection of delights to inspire your imagination and whet your appetite for adventure.

All of the maps on this site were created to offer inspiration for the fantasy roleplaying (RPG) gamesmaster. Pick them off the shelf, roll up some encounters and you're off and running.

Not enough maps in our gallery? Create a near infinite selection of dungeon maps, cave maps or wilderness maps with our random map creators.