Privacy Policy for

Every website will tell you that it respects your privacy. Some do this by selling as much of your personal data as possible to the highest bidder.

Our policy to protect your privacy is different. Here is what we do.

  1. We only collect data needed to understand our traffic and fix any technical issues unless you have given us permission to collect more.
  2. We do not store any personal data.
  3. We do allow third parties to collect your data but only where you have explicitly given us permission to do so.

We do not have complicated cookie popups because we do not need them. Each time you visit you will see a small notice at the bottom of each page inviting you to help fund the site by displaying ads. You can ignore that notice. If you agree to view ads we will show you ads on this and future visits. If you decide to hide the prompt and not display ads we will not show you ads again.

If you decide to view ads, or you decide to never see the notification again, we remember your preference by placing a cookie on your computer. This cookie is anonymous which means it does not contain anything that identifies you as an individual. (In fact, it contains only 0 or 1.)

If you never opt in or out we never give you the cookie. If you opt in or out we give you a single long-lived cookie so we can display ads or not display the notice each time you visit.

If you opt out, or never express a preference, we will ensure no other data is collected from you. That includes not loading any third party content that could be used to collect your personal data.

Other Data

So what data do we collect? When you visit a page we record the page URL along with your web browser information and your IP address. We store that data only on servers. That data is accessible by our hosting provider for support and maintenance purposes but is not shared with anyone else. The detailed information is then processed into reports and the detailed logs are deleted.

Ads - When You Opt In

If you opt in to advertising we will display ads from Google that may include advertising from other third parties. Google and third parties use cookies to serve you ads based on your visits to and previous visits to both this and other websites. Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to customise the ads you see based on your browsing habits.

By opting in to show ads you agree to the placement of cookies on your device for advertising purposes.

You can opt out of personalised advertising by visiting Ad Settings.

Want to help fund

The easiest way to help right now is to enable ads. (This requires you agree to allow advertising cookies to be placed on your device.) If you prefer to avoid ads and tracking but want to permanently hide this message you can do that below too. (Requires a cookie being stored on your device to remember your preference.) All of the details are in our Privacy Policy.

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