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Telly Nation

Tv programmes get old quickly... well some do.  Some flounce around long after they should have retired, making a big fool of themselves like those drunken elderly relatives who lurch about at weddings, but I digress.  We lock up our old reviews here, where they are nice and safe and well looked after and can't bother anyone.
Tv programmes get old quickly... well some do. Some flounce around long after they should have retired, but I digress. We lock up our old reviews here.

In This Section

Review of the long running children's show - episode RoboJosh By Karon Hollis

This Canadian animated sci-fi comedy premieres on Sky on Janaury 14th. Karon Hollis takes an advanced peak...

Channel Four really drop the ball with their attempt to revive Live Friday Night entertainment.

As the Friends spin off hits Channel Five, Karon Hollis wonders "what were they thinking?"

This first episode of the second series began on ITV1 on 16th February 2005. Karon took a look...

Fat Friends returned to our screens on 17th February 2005...so what's it like this time around?

The BBC tries to bring an enigma and stereotype to life...and overall do very well.

Kenneth Tynan was a theatre critic and personality who was most well known for his work during the 1960's. 25 years after his death BBC3 commissioned a drama all about him...

A new comedy pilot comes to BBC Three in March. Karon Hollis got hold of a preview copy and took an early look at this new offering. The show will air on Tuesday March 22nd at 11.05pm

As a big fan of Shameless, Karon watched the last episode of the second series...

A new comedy from BBC 3, with a very different outlook on life...This show will air Monday March 21st at 11.05pm

The BBC recently aired this brand new drama during the daytime...Karon took a look.

The BBC threw a lot of money at this docu-drama. The question is, what were they wanting to achieve?

Channel Four jumped on a good idea, played with it a bit, like a cat with a mouse and then sicked it up on the carpet. We were not impressed...

Another American version of a popular and successful British comedy goes dreadully wrong...

A new ITV drama serial starring Andrew Lincoln and Lesley Sharp

A new drama for Ray Winstone and ITV.

A HBO and BBC co-production that tried very hard to shock, but it did deliver any real dramatic punches?