Tripping The Rift

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This Canadian animated sci-fi comedy premieres on Sky on Janaury 14th. Karon Hollis takes an advanced peak...

Tripping The Rift.
To be shown Sky One January 14th at 22.05.

I was lucky enough to get a preview tape of this show from Sky as it won't actually be shown for a couple of weeks.
The programme is a computer animated science fiction comedy from Canada which lasts for 30 minutes. The fact that it is made in Canada should be a plus for UK viewers as if this tape is anything to go by, their humour is much closer to ours than anything made in America.

The show revolves around the crew of the Jupiter 24, puportedly the fastest ship in the universe. The crew are a fairly stereotypical collection of neurotic incompetents who work as intergalactic smugglers.  Their on ship computer "Bob" is agoraphobic, prone to anxiety attacks and self medicates with
alcohol. The captain "Chode" is a purple three eyed dreadlocked blob with the morals of an alleycat, and the pilot "T'Nuk" is a bovine-esque three breasted monstrosity. "Whip" is Chode's disturbed nephew and "Six" is Chode's sex-slave android.  The crew is completed by "Gus" the Chief Engineer a robot with the intelligence to see his masters for the laxy incompetents they are.

The first episode "Miss Galaxy 500" doesn't spend too much time introducing the characters, indeed by the end of it I was still a little confused regarding who some of them were. Chode for example spends the first episode pretending to be someone called "Fritz Felchman" and when he meets his friend "Wankerstein" you should get an indication of the type of humour at play here. Chode enters Six into the competition for Miss Galaxy 500 against her wishes because he wants to win the
million dollar prize money, and as he is masquerading as a judge he believes he can manipulate the result to his ultimate gain.

Other contestants are Babette a well endowed clown woman and the frighteningly busty "Spamela Anderslut" (no prizes for guessing who this is supposed to be!)who has to have her breastage supported by a wheeled crutch at all times.

The plot is not particularly hard going, and its pretty easy to guess the ending within a few minutes, but then in a 21 minute run time you were hardly going to get anything exceptionally heavily plotted. The humour is either sexually orientated or revolves around TV or Film references so I can think of plenty
of men I know that it would appeal to (I'll mention no names in case of libel!).

The show is definitely for adults, and reminds me of an animated cross between Red Dwarf and Farscape in its setting. although you should be warned that the humour is far more ruder and coarser than anything else I've seen in this genre.
 On the basis of this first episode I would say that this will appeal more to men than women so I'm guessing  I'm not the target audience. That said it was an entertaining watch and I look
forward to seeing more of it to see how it develops.

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