My Parents are Aliens

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Review of the long running children's show - episode RoboJosh By Karon Hollis

My Parents Are AliensMy Parents are Aliens

Episode first shown on ITV at 4.30pm on 16th November 2004

Episode Title "RoboJosh"

This childrens comedy series has been running for some time and remains an entertaining watch. The series revolves around two Aliens (Brian and Sophie) who have crash landed on Earth and as they cannot get back to their home planet they hide in plain view
masquerading as humans. In order to help their survival on the planet, they adopt three children from a local children's home.  The series centres around the children and aliens and their misadventures as they try to become a family. 

A new series has just recently started on ITV at 4.30pm Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

The new series has a few radical changes which are in my opinion not for the better.
Firstly a laughter track has been added.  Sometimes these work but usually they don't - with this show it jars and often the audience are groaning or making shocked "ooh" noises as often as laughing, and this is very distracting.

Secondly a new character has been added; a black eight year old boy called CJ. The boy has also come from the children's home. Having seen several episodes from this season he does not actually seem to have any point within the show and often seems to be forgotten about by the scriptwriters. There are endless scenes that he is either not in or has no lines or input. The character then, is largely pointless, which leads me to think that he has been added purely for demographic purposes. Perhaps the character was dreamt up because the other child actors are growing up fast but someone, somewhere, actively decided that as the family were all caucasian, a black member of the family needed to be introduced. This in itself is not a bad thing, but the character doesn't work and has no active role in the storylines. Add to that, the actor's annoying speech impediment and we have an addition to the cast that actually detracts from the show.

In this story, "Robojosh", Brian (the alien father) makes a replacement Josh because Josh won't spend enough time with him. Interestingly CJ had been spending a LOT of time with Brian - so it does seem that he was not a character in the show when the episode was written. Mel the verbally abusive older child has started a relationship with her long suffering male friend Trent. Sophie (the mother alien) is also keen to impress at a "take you parents to school" day for Lucy the younger daughter.

The plot continues quickly, with Sophie being put down by Lucy for being a housewife and told to get a "proper job".  Trent is accused of having no backbone by Mel, and Brian builds RoboJosh. Sophie then jumps through the school roof to arrive as a member of the SAS for the parent talk because she doesn't want to be an "ordinary, uninspiring housewife." Robojosh goes to school after locking the real Josh in the wardrobe (seen by CJ who interestingly says nothing and does nothing about this interesting turn of events - perhaps because he is a late addition to the cast?) RoboJosh manages to get detention and starts malfunctioning.

While this is occurring, in the Mel/Trent storyline Trent has entered a school poetry competition for girls using Mel's name and persuades her to collect the prize. Mel finds herself having to read out Trent's poem saying how great Trent is and how bad a girlfriend she is.

RoboJosh does a nice Terminator 3 spoof and later on a "Shining" spoof by smashing through a door shouting "Here's Joshey!" I'm not sure how many of the younger fans would get this little filmic reference but its good fun for us adults who catch it!

The malfunctioning RoboJosh threatens to kill Brian and the real Josh when CJ walks in and calmly turns it off. Finally a point to this character!

Sophie cries and Lucy tells her that she is a worthwhile person and that her job is important.

The show ends with Josh CJ and Brian playing Cops and Plumbers, one of Brian's mad games.
Two of Josh's friends turn up and see Josh in a bizarre Policeman Plod costume.

There is a lot of plot packed into approximately 25 minutes of show and not all of it makes the best of sense, however for a children's show it certainly has enough going on to hold the attention and while the children are rude enough to deserve a good slapping with a wet haddock, its still one of the best children's shows on TV at the moment.


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