October 2006

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Robert indulges in some blatant plugging of his latest book! Goody goody yum yum.

Heís back, and itís about time! Well, actually, itís not. Itís about a giant kitten called Twinkle, Ecky Thump and doing the funky gibbon. Yes, itís self-indulgence time because Iíve spent the last few days promoting my latest and greatest (steady on!) book, The Goodies Rule OK.

I have to say, even if I hadnít had written it I think I would have bought it. The design Ė thanks to the great team at Carlton Books Ė is such thatís itís exactly the sort of dip in and dip out book I wanted it to be. Full of copious comments from Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie, as well as their pioneering directors, Jim Franklin and Bob Spiers, the book tells the complete story of the classic comedy team from the birth of Tim (1940) to the present day.

Hopefully, together with the superb Network DVD releases and the live stage show, The Goodies Still Rule OK, the book will help to resurrect The Goodies; my favourite comedy show as a kid and a programme that has stood the test of time remarkably well. For something so deeply rooted in the 1970s Ė kung fu, Jaws, punk, Rock Follies, the Silver Jubilee, space-hoppersÖcome on Ė the comedy is as timeless as Buster Keaton or Tom and Jerry. And that was the very intention. Anyway, for those interested The Goodies Rule OK is published by Carlton Books at the price of £16.99.

And for those keen on catching two thirds of the legendary team live and breathing and being very, very funny on stage, please rush along to Brightonís Comedy Festival. Tim and Graeme are appearing, as The Goodies, on the 4th and 5th October (I said you had to rush!), and, as part of the Iím Sorry I Havenít A Clue team, on the 18th October. Have fun!

The rest of my month has been jam-packed: there was the 2nd Best of Comedy Lunch for the CCTF, the launch of TellyNation convention guest Linda Reganís first murder mystery, Behind You, Wayne Sleep (amazing as the Peter Lorre-styled Doctor) in Arsenic and Old Lace, and the beer-abuse event that
is Regenerations in Swansea. Believe me, Iím just recovering!!

The last of the Carry On commentaries were put safely in the can on the 15th September; with Lance Percival and Dilys Laye on Carry On Cruising and Dilys joining the total dude that is Bernard Cribbins on Carry On Spying. More news on the DVD box set next time.

There was fun and frolics at The Bath House pub in Soho, with my new Ďmyspaceí buddy Andrew OíNeill hosting a wild and wacky evening of comedy. There was Collectormania; delightfully having a brief, jet-lagged conversation with Amber Benson. There was bumping in to Tommy Steele (Tommy fecking Steele!!) during a load of radio interviews in London. And thereís been more, last minute, work on the Monty Python documentary and the interactive Carry On DVD quiz.

So, thankfully, itís all busy, busy, busy stillÖeven though, thanks to Anne-Marie and the aforementioned Ďmyspaceí, I find half my brain on work and the other half on some very interesting person in Switzerland who I will probably never, ever met.

Gawd love the internet!!

Robert Ross


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