afterlife (27/09/2005)

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A new ITV drama serial starring Andrew Lincoln and Lesley Sharp

I don't often watch drama on ITV, mostly because its very "samey" with crime drama after crime drama being trotted out to fight it out alongside cosy "sixties drama" and anything to do with the medical profession. afterlife looked a little bit different, so i decided to give it a go.

Its premise is that a reluctant medium moves to escape her life, but is quickly picked up by desperate people in search of answers. Her beliefs are off-set by a psychology lecturer who believes nothing. These seem to be the two leads for the serial, and I am assuming that they will be thrown together by the book that the psychology lecturer is proposing to write about the medium.

The first episode opens with a chocolate-box family christmas which rapidly descends in the macabre when the parents lock themselves and their 2 children into the family car and proceed to gas themselves.  It is not made clear at this point whether this is the past or present, but we later find out that one of the psychology students is the daughter of this family and the only one who survived the parents suicide pact.

The drama is handled well on the whole, it is darker than a lot of the fluffy stuff produced by ITV at the moment, and that can only be a good thing. I was never clear why Lesley Sharp's medium character had moved to Bristol to escape from being a medium but then so readily turned up at a church hall to go on stage and "do her thing."

I won't reveal all the plot, except that it was genuinely quite spooky and sat firmly on the fence regarding who was right and who was wrong.

it's also interesting that after having no shows of this nature for quite some time, the BBC are currently showing the US import Medium in a late night slot, and that covers fairly similiar ground.

This series is certainly worth a look, and may make it into my regular viewing pattern if it keeps up the standard set by the first episode.

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