Beaten (14/03/2005)

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The BBC recently aired this brand new drama during the daytime...Karon took a look.

First off well done to the BBC for showing brand new drama in the afternoons. It is nice to see the daytime audience being treated with some respect every now and again. However, it is a little disturbing when good drama gets shunted to schedule graveyards (late night, daytime etc) and what are essentially daytime shows (Bargain Hunt, Ground Force etc) get the Prime Time slots, but I digress.

This story was made by Robson Green's production company and unsurprisingly starred the man himself.  The story is essentially revealed through flashback with the usual premise of the audience being led to believe the wife is being physically abused, when in fact it is the husband being abused by the wife.  This idea may have worked better if the husband had not been played by Robson Green, who as we know does not play "baddies". This simple piece of casting undermines the whole programme as rather than being a piece of drama with genuine tension, I was instead left waiting for the plot twist to be revealed.

The drama did push the boundaries of what was and is acceptable for daytime viewing.  The subject matter was of course, a little daring and raised the problem of how the domestic violence would be shown.  It had to be enough to demonstrate to the audience what was occurring, without offending what is traditionally seen as a more conservative viewing audience - after all many very young children may be present to see the programming. This was handled adequately, with the actual violence not shown, although the injuries were seen. The programme pushed itself as far as it could probably go with the programme ending in a pool of blood.

This was a perfectly adequate drama, and I could well see this being repeated as "filler" at some other point in the schedules.

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