I'm With Stupid (12/03/05)

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A new comedy from BBC 3, with a very different outlook on life...This show will air Monday March 21st at 11.05pm

Filming on I'm With Stupid has only just finished. The show has been commissioned by BBC Comedy North and the pilot show will air on BBC Three.

The show is about Paul (played by Paul Henshaw) a wheelchair user, and Sheldon (played by Mark Benton) who is homeless. I'm With Stupid follows the relationship between the two central characters.  They both feel rejected by society in different ways and find that each has something that the other wants; Paul needs a friend and Sheldon needs a home. Through a chance meeting, they end up sharing living accomodation.

Other cast will include Ruth Jones of Fat Friends, Steve Edge and Seymour Mace

The idea for the programme came from Peter Keely who is a wheelchair user himself and has never previously written for television.  He was discovered by the Comedy Unit when they began a search for new northern writers. The programme has been developed by Danny Peak, who has previously written episodes of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and My Hero.

The programme has a fresh original feel to it, and is filmed (like 10:96) in a way more often used in drama rather than comedy. There is none of the dreaded canned laughter to signpost jokes, and unusually for a comedy show, much of the story takes place outside "on location".

Paul is an excellent, twisted and manipulative comedy creation, and it is good to see a comedy having a disabled person as an integral character. Sheldon is also a realistic person, though niave and good natured. Life has dealt him a rough hand, and now he has been left at the mercy of the intellectually superior and morally challenged Paul. Its a classic "odd couple" set up, but this has enough of a twist to it to make it interesting.

I enjoyed the pilot and I would like to see this developed as it is quite a different comedy.  I'm a little concerned regarding how the storyline about Sheldon being hidden in Paul's sheltered housing can be maintained, but I sure there must be interesting, inventive and funny situations to be had here. 

Make a date on 21st March for something just a little bit different... go on, treat yourself to some new comedy, there seems to be a rich vein to be mined at the moment.  

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