Shameless (10/03/2005)

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As a big fan of Shameless, Karon watched the last episode of the second series...

The last episode of Shameless was a return to the high standards set by the first series, after the patchiness of the second series.  It was no surprise to see Paul Abbott's name gracing the writing credit.  Unfortunately some of the writers who have contributed to this second series haven't managed to fill his shoes and the series has sufferered as a result.

This final episode moved along at a cracking pace, racing through storylines almost too quickly for me. The one real story arc of the series; that of Steve and Fiona was concluded, although not entirely satisfactorily, and enough threads were left open for a third series.

Channel 4 have already announced that a third series will happen, but I am already wondering how this will affect the show.  The focus of the second series had widened out from the immediate Gallagher siblings to include their much larger extended family of blood relatives and friends. This has diluted the show somewhat, changing it from "must see" to "excellent" tv viewing. I would not like to see the show watered down further.

With the departure of one pivotal character and another important character, I do wonder whether Shameless will be allowed to fade out with a whimper. If that is allowed to happen then Channel 4 and the writers concerned should feel very shamed indeed.

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