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A new comedy pilot comes to BBC Three in March. Karon Hollis got hold of a preview copy and took an early look at this new offering. The show will air on Tuesday March 22nd at 11.05pm

10.96 is a new comedy pilot commissioned by BBC Comedy - North to be shown on BBC Three. The show is about two men, a police car and a night on the housing estate from hell.

Manchester's Langthorpe Estate is infamous for it's burned out cars, boarded up windows and run down residents. The estate is patrolled by Acting Sergeant Gary Barnes (played by Neil Fitzmaurice).  He grew up on the estate and nothing can surprise him.  With him,however, is rookie PC David Sands (Chris Bisson). Sands was also brought up on the estate but within an Asian family.

Kenton Allen, the executive producer and BBC Editor of Comedy said "Tony Burgess' fantastic script shines a light on the contemporary police force in a very funny and very provocative fashion. It will certainly change your view of the modern policeman's daily grind. Dixon of Dock Green it ain't!"

10:96 is due to be screened in March 2005 as part of BBC New Talent Week and I managed to get hold of a preview tape. The show looks promising...

Comparisons with Shameless may be inevitable.  It is set on a Manchester housing estate and it does feature Chris Bisson who also appears in Shameless.  In many ways, it also shares some of the humour of Shameless and that isn't a bad thing.  This is not a laugh out loud family-viewing sitcom, but it is funny, sometimes painfully so.  It has a hip, contemporary feel to it and I see no reason why this comedy pilot could not be developed into a series and transfer over to BBC Two.

10:96 refers to the police officers' call sign in case you were wondering. Look out for this on BBC Three and settle down for 30 minutes of intelligent humour, and some toilet gags (literally) for those so inclined.

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