Fat Friends

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Fat Friends returned to our screens on 17th February 2005...so what's it like this time around?

Fat Friends isn't really a series about being fat, although the large cast are held together as a cohesive unit by their weekly visits to Count with Carol. 

Each week one character steps to the fore and the rest provide supporting roles, and its a nice way to watch the series as each actor or actress gets their time in the spotlight. 

Its also nice to see normal looking people on screen rather than the pre-pubescent, bleached blonde indentikit waifs that seem to be cloning themselves all over every TV show.

The first show revolved around Betty and her family.  Betty, Kelly and Kevin (plus most of the cast) return from a holiday in the sun that they bought with their winnings from the Trisha show. Kevin has cocked up by arranging for himself and Kelly to complete on the house sale on the day of their return without speaking to Kelly who is blissfully unaware than she has no time to pack all their belongings and leave.  Betty however is blissfully in love with her newly discovered son Simon and abandons Kelly and Kevin to their fate so that she can attend Simon's son's birthday party.

The episode deals with Betty and Simon's obsession with each other and also Kelly's understandable jealousy as she is left to cope by herself.  The topic was handled well and sensitively and the episode moved along at a quick pace without beating the viewers over the head at every important plot point.

Good to see it back and nice undemanding but enjoyable TV for a Thursday night.

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