The Friday Night Project 4th February 2005

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Channel Four really drop the ball with their attempt to revive Live Friday Night entertainment.

The Friday Night Project.....hmmm. The trailers were suitably vague, promising to me, at least, something along the lines of Friday Night Live.  I could not have been more disappointed.

Channel Four have served up many live shows on Friday night - Friday Night Live, The Word, The Girlie Show, TFI Friday etc etc to varying success. I suspect the FNP will be the least successful of all their formats, purely because it is too "samey".  Its a one joke show, and with no discernable talent to showcase I wonder what the point of it is.

I expected: one or two live bands (I'd heard of), a couple of guests interviews maybe, a few minutes of live stand up maybe, several "live" sketches, some audience participation, lots of fun.

So what did we get..... Vinnie Jones as a guest presenter.  Well, Vinnie can be entertaining but I really didn't expect the guest presenter to have to carry the show and be in absolutely everything.  There will be little continuity across the series unless the other presenters get off their bottoms and do something themselves. Paul Gascoigne showed up at one point and reference was made to the Vinnie/Gazza testicle incident that must have taken place in the late 1980's...gosh, how topical.  Gazza just looked worryingly ill.

And what of the other presenters?  Jimmy Carr, we've heard of, and he can be relied on to insert the odd witty comment, but he can't carry the show.  Rob Rouse, yes I have heard of him (vaguely) however I bet most of the population ain't. Did he excite me with this witty talent and remarks.  Er, No.  There was also some woman. What she did or said, doesn't really stand out as memorable.  I hope she's making good money from it though.

The show was; Vinnie gets interviewed, mostly by the audience.  Vinnie does some pre-filmed (terrible) sketches, Rob Rouse runs through the audience wearing some tickets. Great. Entertainment this was not.  I could almost see the viewer demographic flashing up on the screen as this sorry mess creaked to a conclusion "ABC1 males age 18-34...drunk".

Music was provided by Frightnight, or FiveStar, or something.  Anyway, its the band that Charlie left Busted for. They were the houseband, launching into nondescript jangly guitar for every ad break, then ending the show with some unmemorable impression of a Nirvana style band. Sorry, not impressed.  Get a song with a tune, it might help, lads.  

I understand from the trailers that Friday Night Project was the working title and they couldn't be bothered to think up a better one. That says it all really.

So that was it.  No substance, and not even quick enough to end anything that was not working and move on to something different. I won't watch again.

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