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Doctor who will be back on our screens soon. Are we excited? Anne-Marie is....

People think I'm going mad, over Christmas I spent more time grinning about the back page of the TV Times Christmas edition than I did over my pressies. Why? Because the back page held delights of TV to come in the New Year and there was a picture of Christopher Eccleston and the TARDIS.

Dalek 2

I've played the teaser trailer a few times online, and practically exploded when I saw it on actual TV for the first time.  I can't help it, I'll stand up and be counted...I'm a Doctor Who fan...and I can't wait for it to come back...

Doctor Who is probably the second programme to have any effect on me. (The first being Playschool.)  I have strong childhood memories of hiding behind the sofa, or in the kitchen peering at the latest installment while holding the door only slightly ajar, posed ready to slam it shut when the peril became too much.  Finally, forced to actually be in the same room as the show or not watch it at all, the rest of my childhood viewing of the show was from behind a cushion, which to this day I've never been able to throw out for sentimental reasons (and it's obvious Dalek repelling powers!).  In fact, when the Paul McGann TV movie was shown I dug it out and got cosy on the sofa to watch it. I don't need to hide behind it anymore, but it felt like watching the show with an old friend. (I think I may have just gone up a few notches on Karon's sliding scale of sadness!)

So - the new version...I've largely avoided reading stuff in the tabloid press, even when pictures of the Daleks were published. I don't want to know a thing about any plots I want to go into the unknown and share every moment of the adventure.

Do I want it to be the same as it was? It can't possibly be.  I want it to be well structured, I want it to fire my imagination, I want it to stir up all the emotions I felt as a kid and I want it to rekindle affection for a show that holds a large place in nearly everyone's childhood.  And yes, eventually I want to be able to watch it with my young niece and hope that she feels the same sense of adventure - though if she doesn't that's fine...

Most of all though I want it to be on the television...that sounds odd...but it will just be so nice to have it back...I'll even forego my regular Saturday night in the pub after work to watch it...

Photo courtesy of Hyde Fundraisers

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