Concise History Of British Television

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written by Tony Currie, reviewed by Anne-Marie

Concise History of British Television by Tony CurrieA Concise History of British Television 1930-2000 - Tony Currie

Media students at Middlesex University may already be familiar with this book as it is a set text on their course.

The slim volume belies the wealth of information contained inside.  Covering the history of television from its earliest experimental days through to the end of the century, this book lays the essential groundwork for anyone interested in the medium.

Broken up into decades, each chapter takes us through the key developments, personnel and important programmes from each era - with plenty of pictures and idents to illustrate our way.

Originally a series of articles written for the Royal Television Society, the book manages to both educate and entertain, but then again I expected nothing less from the author!

My copy is already a little battered from being carted about with me for the last couple of months, and I'm quite sure once it takes its place in my library it will be tugged off the shelf on a regular basis for either a quick look up or inspiration for future articles.

Anne-Marie Trace

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