The Final Countdown?

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Will the move to BBC2 kill off Top Of The Pops?

After over forty years on BBC1 Top Of The Pops is being relegated to a Sunday slot on BBC2.  They say it will tie in with the chart run down on Radio One, which I'm sure is meant to be a good thing.  However, perhaps we are about to watch the slow death of a BBC institution.  Would it be better if they just axed it here and now? Do they have to go through the pretence of moving it around, watching the viewing figures drop (as I'm sure they expect them too) and then quietly removing it from the schedules completely?

Top Of The Pops was a flagship show when it started out in 1964, and remained at the top of its field for some time.  It saw off various attempts to get into the market from ITV shows, and got some big names to appear when others couldn't book them.  Now, I'm not so sure.  There's stiff competition from the likes of Pop World on Channel 4, a different format and presenters who don't feel the need to shout at you like you're their deaf grannie.  The latest TOTP revamp was much heralded but ultimately failed, perhaps they are wandering too far from the show's orginal brief. Then again maybe it's because the people involved are taking it all far too seriously. It's a light entertainment show, it's not meant to be cutting edge music, how can it be, it's based around the charts!

I think the worse thing about the move is it comes with the information that TOTP2 has been axed.  This is a shame as I quite liked the nostaligic clips, seeing stuff from the 60s and 70s  that I am interested in now, or wallowing in the glory of past performances from the 80s and 90s that I remember watching first time around.

I miss the old Top Of The Pops, in the same way I miss how Radio 1 was when I was growing up. Maybe I'm just getting old.

***New 29th July 2006***

Top Of The Pops has come to the end of the line.  The final show has been recorded and is being broadcast tomorrow.

They thought it was all over.  It is now.

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