Ripping Yarns DVD Box Set

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Anne-Marie puts her feet up and settles down to view this classic comedy

Ripping Yarns DVD Box Set

Ripping Yarns DVDThese nine adventures may not be on a par with Python in the absurdly funny stakes, but they are the epitome of the humour of Palin and Jones.  The natural sillyness of our very own Englishness coupled with ridiculous sight gags are the main staple of this series.

Michael Palin stars in all nine tales with co-creator Terry Jones popping up in the first one, Tomkinson's Schooldays, and fellow Python John Cleese making the briefest but funniest of cameos in Golden Gordon.

The stories are patchy in places, but there are some laugh out loud moments and plenty of gags that may raise a wry smile too.

My own personal favourites are Escape From Stalag Luft 112B, Across The Andes By Frog (quite possibly Palin's next travel project) and Golden Gordon.

The DVD package is a double disc collection, housed in a fine looking box.  The extras include a 1983 edition of Comic Roots featuring Michael Palin returing to his home town of Sheffield to look at his early comedic life, and an episode of Black And Blue called Secrets.  This last item hadn't been seen since its original broadcast in 1973 and is taken from a domestic video recording so the quality isn't great, but it's a wonderful chance to see this black comedy.

You can also opt to switch off the audience laugh track on some of  the Ripping Yarns episodes which is fabulous as it can get annoying.  There's a deleted scene from Murder At Moorstones Manor too, plus commentaries from Palin and Jones.  I'd love to be able to tell you about the commentaries but the sound was so low on my copy that I couldn't hear them without turning the volume up so much that the TV set buzzed, so I gave up on them.  Perhaps it has to do with my player and TV, I'll have to try it elsewhere to see.

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