Tony Robinson's Cunning Night Out

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Played Loughborough 19th May 2007

Tony Robinson's one man show is a great piece of fun, and you might learn something too. Its a cohesive mix of History, personal recollections and family history, all told with a high level of humour and is extremely entertaining.

The first half is the most structured with tales of his dad's role in the RAF, mixed with his own recollections of the stage production of Oliver! and recounting facts from the battle of Agincourt. A screen at the back of the stage illustrates key moments with photographs from his personal collection.

There is then a break for the interval and in the second half questions are taken from the audience, which is always a dangerous move.  At the show I attended, someone bet Tony a fiver that he could recite a speech from Henry V better than Tony. Even though the audience was groaning, this person persisted, and was only silenced when Tony pointed out that the speech the audience member was reciting was not the one Tony had quoted from earlier! Tony handled the audience well, joking, but ultimately remaining in charge, which is never easy as I've seen time and time again at live shows.

Aferwards Tony was signing copies of his own book/programme, and was an absolute delight to meet. You can find out more about Tony Robinson and find out where his show will be ( I believe its the last tour) by clicking here


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