Pete and Dud Come Again

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Played Wed 16th May in Loughborough

Pete and Dud Come Again is a comedy show that was originally performed in the West End and is now on tour across the country.

The premise of the show is that Dud is appearing on a chat show of a Wogan/Parkinson style and Pete turns up in the audience.  The pair clearly have a difficult relationship, and exactly how this has been reached is shown through a number of flashbacks.

The idea of the show is certainly ambitious and it was extremely entertaining.  Most of the comedy seems to derive from the original humour of Pete and Dud rather than from anything the new writers may have added.

Simon Lowe, who plays Dud (you may remember him from the Tictac advert "Did she just shake her tictacs at me?") turns in a sterling performance as Dud and is on stage practically the whole time.  He has the mannerisms and voice down pretty much perfectly, and largely carries the show.

Gareth Tunley as Peter, turns in an adequate performance but it just wasn't Peter Cook as I remember him. The lines may sound like Peter's but they don't have the same kind of acerbic tone and knowing look with them in the delivery and interestingly they aren't as funny as a result.  Tunley did win me round after adlibbing when he got tangled up in some wires, however.

I enjoyed listening to the rest of the audience making comments in the interval.  One man said "Its a shame about the atmosphere." I'm guessing he meant the fact that the theatre was about half empty, depite one performance being cancelled.  Another lady commented "Its very dark isn't it?" Both comments were completely true, but it really is an excellent piece of theatre and a very interesting and enjoyable watch, both for the script and the performances.

If you''e like to learn more, or see if the show will be coming to a town near you, then click here

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