Is This The Real Life?

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Reality TV - should it stay or should it go?

With the Fox Channel in the US announcing itís about to unleash a plethora of “unscripted television” on the viewing public, isnít it about time we stood up for the scriptwriters?Heart warming or hard hitting documentaries are one thing, so is the odd cookery show or antiques show, but is wall to wall reality shows killing the art of televisual story telling?Already former prime time shows are getting shoved around, either being moved to daytime excluding the people who are out at work, or later at night making it difficult for those who need to be up in the morning.Of course thereís always the video recorder, but what happened to settling down after your tea and being entertained?If I wanted to watch people whinging about their holidays, or whatever, Iíd hang out in hairdressing salons or supermarkets.I want to be educated in an entertaining way, entertained in an intelligent way - is that too much to ask?Okay, there is a place for banal stuff thatís just plain bubblegum for the brain, we all need to unwind, but have things gone to too far?With so many channels available canít they just create one for this sort of TV and let the other channels return to giving us better value programming?

In the main though, I want to be transported somewhere else when I watch the television.† It doesn't have to be far, an alternate version of the real world will do.† Happy endings aren't necessary either, reflections of real life are important to ground a drama, but I want something that some one has thought about, used their talent to create and not just shoved a camera in someone's face and waited for them to misbehave!

I believe there is a place for some "real life" shows on the TV. Documentaries, nature programmes, travelogues and the like all play an important part in the rich television tapestry. What I can't see is the entertainment value in watching people make each other miserable.† Big Brother could have easily been an important social experiment, but from the outset the media turned it into a freak show, much to the glee of the programme makers.


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