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BBC 4's dramatic companion to BBC1's Jane Eyre

BBC 4 quietly put out a varied range of dramas.  Sometimes they aren't particularly well written and often they are poorly paced and over slow, but they are usually interesting and worth a look.

I have been watching the new Jane Eyre amd enjoying it on the whole.  I've also been watching Reader I Married Him (again on BBC4 and about the romantic novel) so this seemed like a perfect companion piece to both series.

The story is about Mr Rochester's first wife, and essentially fills in the back story of his life before he meets Jane Eyre.

The drama was interesting, and well written, showing both the main characters as being somewhat the victims of other people in their lives. It also suggests some more reasons why things happened, as this was never really sufficiently explained in the original story.

As a stand alone story it probably does not work, but how great of the BBC to offer this in addition to making Jane Eyre at the same time.  Someone somewhere has their head screwed on right, giving the viewers more of what they want and also providing more opportunities for increasing revenue, no doubt.

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