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Thanks for answering the feedback questionnaires I sent out after the TellyNation convention, this is the result of that feedback:
Most people liked most of what we did, which is nice, there were quite a lot of replies, and of course some extremes of opinion in specific areas, but the general consensus was positive.  Over all, we don't plan to change much for the next one, as far as the make-up of the event goes, the venue may change, and the dates may be tweaked, but on the whole we will be back with a sequel to an event that worked.
This e-mail should answer specific points:
Someone said the event was "Cult TV lite"  Does that mean like "Cult TV" but not so Heavy / serious?
Most of the stuff auctioned were from our own collections, sold to raise money to pay for the event, many other items were sold purely for the charity.  We made a couple of hundred pounds from those specific items, which we have added to to make £514 for charity, £500 of which will go to Cancer research UK, the rest was collected by Hyde Fundraisers in their K9 buckets on the Saturday for their charities.
We cut the AV budget in favour of keeping the guest list, so we didn't have many whizzes and bangs.   That said, the programme only changed twice at very short notice (due to traffic and illness), so we didn't get it communicated in time.  We could have used the flipcharts, but didn't think about it, sorry.  On a similar note, a few people had concerns that could have been addressed by asking a member of the crew, please do ask us, as we know lots of answers, and some of them aren't rude.
We acknowledge that better signage would be good.  If budget had allowed, a booklet would have had more information and answers.
Some people liked the idea of having a goodbye session on the Monday morning, we'll look into a small informal session for next time, without having to pay for a whole additional day.
In the evenings, most people liked either the Saturday night OR the Sunday night cabaret few thought both were great.  Most people liked the food again, more liked the buffet than the sit down meal.  It seems everyone liked the bingo.  There will be different acts at TN next time, because you have seen The Sitcom Trials and John Laurie: Frazer and I.  There is plenty of talent about.
Most people liked the DJ, not many people stayed to dance, but those who did had a good time.
Some people have commented on the reset time in the evening, or that we could have fitted all the guests in one day.  The hotel needed that time to rebuild the main room.  We tried to schedule more things in the Red Button room, some worked, some didn't.  However, given more money, we could afford more programming items for both rooms, and perhaps cut lunchtime a little.  I personally like a more laid back event with some breathing space, especially as an organiser, those 2 - 3 hour gaps in the evenings were just 20 minutes long for me.  Gaps also allow catch up time when things go wrong with the schedule.  I also like to give the guests time to speak, and the audience time to ask their questions.
Venue / Prices
Everyone liked the venue, in fact I personally seemed to have most problems.  No one liked the bar prices.  I don't like to haggle much on things like this as it tends to be offset by the venue saving on the food quality.  This event is meant to be more of a luxurious experience than others, and that is not cheap.  It has been suggested that we could arrange a special offer on selected lines, and I will keep that in mind for the future.
The price for the event registration will not be cheaper next time, but day tickets will be on sale from the start.  Hotel room prices are largely the same for the standard of venue I want to book, but I will try to get the lowest possible price without compromising quality. 
Thanks again for coming, and feel free to ask any further questions.
Les Hollis

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