Doctor Who ponderings....

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While we are waiting for the next hot topic to make us champ at the bit, I thought I'd record some Doctor Who daft ponderings that have occurred to me lately....

While trying to persuade my toddler that he didn't just have to wear his Spiderman pull-up pants, and that the Incredible Hulk ones were perfectly fine, I said the Hulk was a Slitheen.  This instantly created the other he will only wear Slitheen pull up pants.....

Anyway, it then occurred to me.  Is the Hulk really a Slitheen?  Consider the evidence.  The Hulk is actually too big to fit inside David/Bruce Banner (or whatever his name was).  The Slitheen are also actually too big to fit inside their human skins.

They are both green.

The Slitheen are allergic to vinegar.  Did anyone ever try to defeat the Hulk with vinegar...nope.  So how do we know this wouldn't work?

Erm, they also both run sort of funny and quite similarly.

While I'm at it... The face of Boe. We've been told he's the last of Boekind. Righto, but Boekind wouldn't have had any need for more than one Face.  So does that mean there used to be the Leg of Boe, or the Bottom of Boe, or even the Winkle of Boe? ;)

Lots for you to ponder on there, peeps!

I'm off for a lie down in a darkened room.  Maybe you should be off there too.

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