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Zoe's review of the first Tellynation.


Travelled down with my friend. Drove off the motorway and found the hotel straight away - a very easy to find hotel one has to say.  Parked up, and checked in with the extremely friendly staff.  Almost had a blip when we were told 'free parking?  Sorry, I think you'll find that you are wrong.'  Just as I was about to protest, she continued and said she would find out for us.  Came back and apologised very sweetly.  Not only that, but we arrived at 2pm to find our room was ready (it said 3pm on the website).  But we decided to go for a very much needed pint and rest.  And a natter to a dapper looking Henry who was loitering by the bar - which he was to do for a fair amount of the weekend!

Hotel room was a generous size with two comfortable twin beds.  We even had time to check out the leisure centre with it's very relaxing and warm pool, spa and sauna.  Slightly disappointed that the steam room wasnt working, but hey, it didnt distract from our enjoyment.

6pm came around and we went down to the room where the party events were taking place.  Despite trying to hide behind our (very expensive, I have to say) pints of Stella-soon-to-be-replaced-by-cheaper-lager, we gave in to Henry's pleading and enjoyed a game of run-around.  I was somewhat disappointed not to win, however we soon had yet another chance to win something...'oh go on, Zoe, please?'...that Henry has a lot to answer for, having us take part in a game of 'pass the grapefruit/baguette'...yes, exactly as it sounds.  One end of the gang of about 10 of us (male/female) had to pass the baguette...'Zoe, I think you'd better stand at the end, you're wearing a skirt!'...and the other end (us) had to pass the grapefruit.  The entire weekend I was blamed for getting lippy on Jeff Smart's beige jacket!!  Something I'm not admitting to...  Anyway, our side won - yay!

Oh, then there was a quiz, with quizmaster John Hutchinson.  Bloody difficult it was too...our table had much gentle discussion over what the answer was...'I think it's ****' - 'wrong, it's got to be ****' ...almost coming to blows (in a daft/fun/laugh kind of way)  Still, we came third, so not to be sniffed at!

This was swiftly followed by some film clips, an obituary tape (didnt realise we'd lost so many people last year...)  Then disco time - sadly it seemed many people didnt feel up to the disco.  However, Henry (again!) dragged people up to dance.  Despite friend Michael going to bed at 9pm (part-timer!!!) and Nic going a little later (unsurprisingly, she'd driven all the way), as usual Dave and I were the last ones standing.  Despite saying that we'd 'have one more drink' we were still there at about 2.30/3am-ish!  Wearily, we wended our wayward way to bed.

Up at 7.30am, washed, dressed and slap on, ready to face the masses, we had our (fabulous, it must be said) breakfast then I was down for the first morning.  The first guest was Bert Kwouk.  Interesting to listen to and I enjoyed his talk.

I decided to have a wander up to the dealer's room.  Which was okay.  Could have done with more dealers, to be honest, but otherwise, a nice selection of goodies.  Spent a little, then wandered back down to spend yet more money at the tombola.  Oh how I love that tombola!  There is not a better way to waste money than the Telly Nation tombola.  Fab.  Would spend quite a bit of time and money there over the weekend. Almost fell over two huge daleks plus K9 whilst loitering.

Lunch was taken across at the pub opposite.  Good prices and cheaper lager, then back for the afternoon session.   Which was, if I remember correctly, Brian Murphy...George in George and Mildred.  Tony Hoare was on too - would have enjoyed his talk if only he'd known how to talk into a mic!!!

THE AUCTION!  What can one say, except GET PAUL CORNELL BACK!  It was, without a shadow of a doubt, THE best auction I've ever been to.  Eff off Mr lets-draw-this-out-as-long-as-possible-because-I-love-the-sound-of-my-own-voice, let's stick with Paul.  We sat giggling on the front row at his off-the-cuff remarks about lanyards and the ilk.  Fabulous, fabulous.  You really had to be there!  Plus a raffle in which I almost missed my number...if it hadnt been for Nic saying 'go on, it's your ticket!' I'd have missed it.  Hadnt had much to drink at that point, either!

Evening - and Posh Frocks!  A chance to get all dressed up (and without a hurricane to spoil it all!).   Started off with Telly Bingo.  Was determined to win, but not a chance!  It was good fun though.  Had a lovely three course dinner, with very reasonably priced wine.  During all this was The Sitcom Trials.  Which was okay - I'd have rather had more audience participation in something, or Telly Bingo, but some people enjoyed it.  The second half was extraneous, though.  Disco to follow and AMARILLO!!!  Wow, I never realised semi-jogging and weaving around a room, in and out of tables could be so knackering!!!  Luckily my wine/lager revived me and yet another late night, followed by a loitering chat with various crewmembers (including a cursing Henry caught by his wife and daughter which caused much hilarity between us lot watching on.  Sorry Henry, but...it was FUNNY!  The look on your face!)
Bed at about - early-am-ish!

Up once again at 7.30am - being the bright and breezy livewire I always am at these events.  Shame I cant manage the same trick for work...hmmm...wonder why?!?!?  Once again, more lovely brekkie, followed by tombola.  Didnt manage the dealers today, but I dont think I missed much.

Met Nadim Sawahla, who was a complete sweetheart, he was lovely.  Not just interested in talking about himself, he asked both Nic and myself about us; our lives - what we did for a living, and where we'd come from - and when he walked in to do his talk, he waved and said hello  again to us, plus we got a namecheck during his fascinating talk.  Would be lovely to meet him again sometime.  Unfortunately, because I needed to walk around a bit, I missed out on Philip Madoc - was going to watch him in the afternoon but sadly the interviews were swapped around.  Never mind, got to see George Christopher, Ziggy from Grange Hill.  The interview seemed a little...stilted, no one's fault, but was okay.  Would probably have been better if George had had someone else to bounce thoughts off...but I understand he was ill, and not on top form.  He did well, though, considering.

Met Michael Keating too - one of the few B7 actors I hadnt yet met - and he was lovely, only 7 weeks into his new marriage, bless him. 

And yet again, another wonderful auction.  The Captain Scarlet Soap-on-a Rope being top prize!!! Culminating in no one actually wanting to go up and claim their prize.  As my number was called again, I groaned out loud 'oh,do I HAVE to go up?' LOL

Buffet time for the evening and wow, fabulous food yet again.  I was so impressed!  Sadly, by the time I'd eaten and had a drink, the John Laurie performance, which I am certain would have been brilliant had it been performed prior to dinner, went down like a lead balloon with me.  It almost sent me to sleep - NOT the performer's fault, I hasten to add.  Just the wrong time for that sort of thing.  We needed something to liven us up.

Another disco - yet another go at Amarillo.  Sigh, when will I learn?  Plus lots of glowy things alighting all over the place.  And I have to say, every night the disco was brilliant.  They played requests - including my Green Day, to which I dragged poor David up to dance to!!  And he also played Eddie Cochrane, which FILLED the dancefloor!  Kudos to them, they were excellent - and not a Star F**King Trekkin' in sight, I'm pleased to say!

Unfortunately the thanks were given out that night, not Monday morning so come Monday morning, if you didnt see anyone in the restaurant, you didnt see them to say goodbye.  I would have like an informal half hour/hour to catch up with people, reminise about the weekend and generally say my goodbyes. 

Otherwise, it was a brilliant weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed it all...well, 99% of it, anyway!  Kudos to everyone - you did an outstandingly WONDERFUL job. 

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