December 2005

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But it's Christmas!

December 2005

As I sit here writing this last Laughter Lines of the year I am reminded by Anne-Marie that it’s a year ago today since the TellyNation web site was launched.  Does it seem that long…well, yes and no.  Since I joined as a regular contributor a lot of comedy water has gone under the comedy bridge certainly.

Anyway, on to December…

The Granada interactive DVD game, The Greatest TV Trivia Quiz, has just been released.  Taking up quite a bit of time during the summer months, this is a slightly belated celebration of 50 years of ITV or ‘the People’s channel’ as it has been dubbed!  Neil Fox is your charming host and the clips range from Richard Greene swashing his buckle in The Adventures of Robin Hood to naughty goings on on Celebrity Love Island.  And they talk about progress!

Last weekend was the absolute blast that is the pre-festive season Memorabilia event at the NEC. in Birmingham.  I had a ball this year.  Selling books and helping Sally Geeson and Carol Hawkins sell photographs is one thing, but the social whirlwind of these things is quite another.  It’s wonderful.

The whole weekend was naturally affected by the sad death of George Best.  But, in a strange way, his inevitable passing was an enhancement of the weekend.  He was celebrated by everyone and I have to admit to a slightly damp eye when at 3pm on Saturday afternoon everybody stopped for a minute’s silence.

Situated next to my good pal Jaz Wiseman and that total dude Peter Wyngarde the laughs went on from morning till eve, while the evenings back at the hotel are probably left to memory only!  Suffice to say that I shall never forget gate-crashing a firm’s office party at the hotel and finding myself on the dance floor with Zombie killer Ken Foree, Holly mark II Hattie Hayridge and Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley.  You couldn’t make this stuff up!!

As always with these things you come away exhausted but knowing you have had a damn good time.  Here’s to the next one.

Finally this month, you still have a little time to pick up something special for your loved one this Christmas.  As I’m being dragged in to Broadcasting House to plug a tasty array of BBC comedy DVDs I think I should recommend them.  And it’s no hardship.  There’s some real crackers in the collection.  Series one and two of Little Britain is already becoming one of the beeb’s biggest ever sellers, then there’s the complete Fawlty Towers.  Voted the best British TV show of all-time by the British Film Institution, this is a box set every home should have. 

Sticking with John Cleese, he’s back with his pals in a Best of Monty Python collection.  Now I’m not a lover of compilation releases as a rule.  Give me a complete series by series blow by blow release every time.  But this is a perfect introduction to the ‘Beatles of post-war comedy’ and includes as an added bonus all the new footage filmed by the 30th anniversary Python Night in 1999.  Unmissable.  And then there’s Bottom, They Think It’s All Over, Ronnie Barker in a box (sorry, no pun intended Ron!), the Complete Only Fools and Horses, a certain bulky TARDIS thing….and lots more.

It only remains for me to wish each and every one of you TellyNation folk a very Merry Christmas (mine’s with David Tennant and the Goodies if you follow me!). 

And here’s to a square-eyed 2006.

Robert Ross

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