TV Binges - good or bad?

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Following recent claims that Binge TV watching is the latest problem with our society we ask...what's wrong with TV Marathon viewings?

Apparently a recent news report claimed that some people spend more than six hours a day on a wild TV binge where they watch..gasp...more than one episode of a show at once!  Some say it's unhealthy, I think it depends how you look at it.

Let's get this out of the way first of all, spending more than six hours a day, every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year watching marathons of your favourite TV series *IS* unhealthy and if you indulge in this kind of behaviour you really do need to get out more.

However, the occasional binge is fine, or a regular binge, say once a month or so. We all deserve to kick back and give ourselves a treat don't we?  And despite the inference within the report it doesn't make us unhealthy, anti-social freaks. I mean it's not like it makes us obnoxious, rude and/or stupid like binge drinking. It doesn't clog up our arteries like smoking too much and as long as you're not a total couch potato it shouldn't actually make us fat like binge eating.

Just recently I have binged on CSI, Peter Kay and classic comedy films. These binges haven't infringed on my regular life, I just had some spare time and a bunch of new DVDs to watch. I still was able to get up in a morning (well sort of, I'm not a morning person), clean myself, eat well, get some exercise, communicate with people, go shopping, meet people for lunch, go to concerts and otherwise basically function as a relatively normal human being.

The assumption that if you watch too much TV it means you are an insociable, light-fearing, unhealthy little geeky nerd really gets up my nose. I am a TV fan, I'm proud of my fandom, and I have a life outside of TV fandom.

And if I want to spend more than six hours of my own free time watching a whole series of Phoenix Nights, or two or three Carry On films, or ploughing my way through the latest DVD box set of a favourite programme, I jolly well shall!

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