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The Season Two DVD is reviewed by Karon Hollis
Dick Turpin DVDDick Turpin - Season Two DVD

    I remember this series very well.  Its legend looms large in the memory of my childhood. Couple that with a consuming passion for Robin of Sherwood and the firm belief that the writer of both series, Richard Carpenter, is an underrated genius, and there was no real doubt that I was going to get this DVD.

Dick Turpin, the notorious highwayman is played by Richard O'Sullivan and his sidekick "Swiftnick" is played by Michael Deeks. Christopher Benjamin and David Daker played their evil counterparts.  The series picked up more than its fair share of guest stars including Lindsay Duncan, Joan Simms and Bryan Marshall

This is the second season of the show (it ran for four).  Each episode originally took a half an hour slot on ITV on Saturday afternoons in the late seventies.  Given its time slot, and the short length of the programme, they are very tightly written and a lot happens.  It actually holds up quite well against modern shows, and is certainly still watchable. There are 13 episodes in the second season, and their titles are listed at the bottom.

My main grumble with this DVD is the complete lack of extras.  Nothing. Zip. Nada. Surely the stars must have been interviewed on TV at some point talking about it, or perhaps a commentary could have been provided for an episode or two by either Kip Carpenter, or perhaps Michael Deeks.  

I still love the series, and I am so glad that after a 25 year wait I actually get to see it again, but a little more care with the release could have gone a long way for this fan. 

And if anyone knows what happened to the wonderful Michael Deeks (not seen on our screens since the mid 80's) I'd love to know.  

Episode Titles

The Fox - Part One, The Fox - Part Two, Blood Money, Deadlier Than the Male, The Elixir of Life, The Thief-Taker, The Judge, Sentence of Death - Part One, Sentence of Death - Part Two, The Godmother, The Secret Folk, The King's Shilling, The Hanging


5 hours 25 minutes (approx)

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