The Comic Strip Boxset (13/09/2005)

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There are some releases that simply should be in every discerning person's DVD collection - This is one of them.

There are certain great moments in TV comedy history. Some, smack you about the eyes with a big stick and others creep up behind you and say "boo!" when you aren't expecting it.

As a movement, and a TV phenomenom, The Comic Strip are right up there at the top. What they have done as a collective group of pretty much all of the important comedians of the eighties, is quietly got on with making a hugely impressive, funny and inventive collection of comedy films.

The styles vary hugely and because of this, some are more hit than others. Many of the films lampoon other genres, a most obvious example being the Five go mad in Dorset film that opens the collection and indeed made such a splash at Channel Four's launch.

Every single one of the Comic Strip offerings is gathered here for your perusal, despite the fact that some were shown on BBC2 and some on Channel 4. That in itself warrants a moment of thanks. Someone has taken great care over this boxset. Even the design of the box itself has been thought about - the Comic Strip's signature "bomb dropping" that opened the episodes is recreated here as you open the box. Lovely.

The set contains 9 disks - 8 contain the films and one the extras, which again have been thought about. The extras are mostly documentaries about the Comic Strip but are well done and nice additions to the set.

Special Features
  • 'Comic Strip: A Retrospective' documentary
  • Comic Strip 'Live' as directed by Julian Temple (1981)
  • Interviews from 1998
  • New interviews with the cast, the crew and other celebrities
  • Interactive menus
  • Scene selection

The 39 films are listed below.

1. Five Go Mad In Dorset (1982)
2. War (1983)
3. The Beat Generation (1983)
4. Bad News Tour (1983)
5. Summer School (1983)
6. Five Go Mad On Mescalin (1983)
7. Dirty Movie (1984)
8. Susie (1984)
9. A Fistful Of Travellers Cheques (1984)
10. Gino - Full Story and Pics 1984)
11. Eddie Monsoon- A Life? (1984)
12. Slags (1984)
13. The Bullshitters (1984)
14. The Supergrass (1984)
15. Consuela (1986)
16. Private Enterprise (1986)
17. The Strike (1988)
18. More Bad News (1988)
19. Mr Jolly Lives Next Door (1988)
20. The Yob (1988)
21. Didn't You Kill My Brother? (1988)
22. Funseekers (1988)
23. South Atlantic Raiders (1990)
24. South Atlantic Raiders Part II (1990)
25. GLC (1990)
26. Oxford (1990)
27. Spaghetti Hoops (1990)
28. Les Dogs (1990)
29. Red Nose Of Courage (1992)
30. The Crying Game (1992)
31. Wild Turkey (1992)
32. Detectives On The Edge Of A (1993)
33. Space Virgins From Planet Sex (1993)
34. Queen Of The Wild Frontier (1993)
35. Gregory - Diary of a Nutcase (1993)
36. Demonella (1993)
37. Jealousy (1993)
38. Four Men In a Car (1998)
39. Four Men In a Plane (2000)
At the time of writing you can pick this boxset up for an unbelievable 35 online. Do yourself and your funny bone a favour and pick one up!

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