Do Not Adjust Your Set **Added 11/08/2005**

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A-M indulges her pre-Python preferences in this two DVD set.

Hurrah! Finally we get to official own some episodes of the shows that led to Monty Python, with both Do Not Adjust Your Set and At Last The 1948 Show being released in two double disc sets.

The release that excites this fan's heart is Do Not Adjust Your Set with its early material from Michael Palin and Terry Jones. Even more wonderful than that it also features performances from The Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band!

Do Not Adjust Your Set was basically a children's programme made by Rediffusion but it did develop an adult following too.  Palin and Jones, along with Eric Idle of course, wrote the majority of the material with contributions from their fellow performers David Jason and Denise Coffey, and later Terry Gilliam who also did animations for the show. (Sadly his animations on this release are confided to effects here and there with no sign of either the Christmas Card or Elephants animations, which is a shame.)

There are nine episodes on these two discs.  Each on features an episode of the spoof adventure serial Captain Fantastic which gives Jason and Coffey a chance to shine in their visual buffoonery.  Also each show saw a sublimely odd musical number by The Bonzos, who also decorate the background of a few sketches.  In a move rarely seen today, when Michael Palin was ill for one show in stepped Tim Brooke-Taylor from At Last The 1948 Show to fill the void (similarly you can play spot the Eric Idle in 1948 show sketches).  Obviously whatever Michael had that week was catching as in the next show Neil Innes is unable to appear which means Idle takes over the piano of the Bonzos song Love Is A Cylindrical Piano. Great stuff!

The extras are the same on both Do Not Adjust Your Set and At Last The 1948 Show, which is a little disappointing. You get trailers for both releases and interviews with Terry Jones and Tim Brooke-Taylor.  Neither interview really tells us anything we didn't already know but they are jolly nice to have anyway. Both releases also include a fairly incomprehensible Comedy Family Tree poster.

At a reasonable price for double disc sets these are a fab addition to a Python/Comedy fan's collection.

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