The Summer Sport Wash Out. (25th July 2005)

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Why must there be so much flaming sport on terrestrial TV? Why are the minority interests of coach potato sport addicts pandered to so much? Does anyone have any answers?

I've had enough.

Week after week goes by and every day its the same.  Programmes I want to watch are shifted around in the TV schedules or dumped altogether and for what reason?  Flaming sport.

Lets get one thing straight.  People who do sport aren't at home watching it, they are outside burning off calories and living their lives. So who is left?  Let's pull out the stereotypes now - fat drunken men, sprawled in front of the TV with their slippers dangling off their sweaty feet and a half drunk can of lager clutched in their podgy hands.  And before you try to dispute that stereotype take a good hard look at yourself.

So, if this boring, noisy crap wasn't cluttering up my TV schedules, maybe these poor sad sad sad no-mark no life people would get off their fat asses and go and PLAY some of that sport they seem so fond of.

Yesterday's TV schedule (for Sunday) was a typical day.  BBC1 - fairly normal schedule.  BBC2 showed sport contiuously between 1.40pm and 6.30pm.  That is nearly FIVE hours of sport. It varied in its topics; Horse racing, Moto GP (whatever that is - I have an image of a guinea pig in a racing car, but there you go...) Table Tennis (!) and Showjumping.  ITV tried to induce a nationwide coma with sport between 12-5pm - the F1 German Grand Prix and then British Touring Cars Championship.  Ooh woo-be-doo.  They are cars, they go quite fast. How interesting. Channel 4 then decided to beat us over the head with cricket, shown without mercy between 10am and 6.30pm.  How we yawned. Channel 5 showed normal programmes.

So of the five terrestrial channels (and bearing in mind that Channel 5 cannot even be seen by a significant proportion of the viewing population) we had a maxiumum of two channels actually showing proper television and THREE devoted to minority interests, primarily minority MALE interests, for approximately four hours of the day. This is appalling. Can't the majority of sport be moved to a free digital channel so that the majority who do not want to watch it don't have to have it inflicated upon them?  Please!!!!

 So what can we do about it?  What are you doing about it? We'd love to know.  Leave you comments in the box below.

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