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Reviewed by Anne-Marie Trace

Carry On CompanionCarry On Companion - Robert Ross

This bright orange paperback sits snugly on the shelf next to my ever growing collection of Carry On movies on DVD.  Actually that's a blatant lie, as more often than not at the moment it can be found flung on the sofa next to where I sit watching the DVDs, reaquainting myself with the series, yet again. 

 The book is always readily to hand to be flicked open at the relevant page while I check something or store up on trivia ready to bore the pants off whichever poor unfortunate family member or loved one happens to wander into the room. (Not that this is a boring book, but I think people are now tiring of me firing odd bits of information at them when all they really want to know is whether I want another cup of coffee, because heaven knows they rarely want to watch them with me anymore!)

The book is laid out in a way that allows a reader to dip in at a whim and find a plethora of information on whichever film you are watching or interested in at the time.  Or of course you could be conventional and sit and read it from the Phil Collins foreword through to the resource list of books, societies, videos and websites. (Even I read it the normal way first time around!)

There's a massive amount of material to absorb along the way.  Every Carry On movie is covered in the greatest detail and with an air of affection. (Yes I said every film, all 31 of them, including Carry On Columbus.)  Each is rated, outstanding performances credited, the author's favourite bits shared, trivia expounded and in most cases memories recalled by some of the actors and actresses that graced the screen.  As if that wasn't enough, when you've ploughed your way through all the films you can move on through to the Christmas TV outings and Carry On Laughing before continuing on to the stage incarnation including Carry On London.

All this makes it a fully comprehensive tome encapsulating everything to do with the world of Carry On, and I haven't even mentioned the excellent chronology and list of key personnel. It's a celebration of glorious innuendo-ridden comedy!

Just a quick note - a few years ago (in my awkward teenage years) I remember going through a phase of not watching Carry On movies as they are far from politically correct. If you are currently going through a similar phase get over it quickly so you can kick back, relax and learn to enjoy them all over again.  I don't think you will be too severely punished come judgement day for laughing at the odd saucy joke or bad pun. And if you're not sure where to start your voyage of rediscovery Robert Ross' book is the place to look for a clue!!

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